Lisa is a writer and blogger living in the New York City area. She is currently the Web Editor and Content Strategist for the non-profit organization Cotton Incorporated. She has also written for Hello Giggles, Thought Catalog, Popcrunch, Rant Media, and Artbean. She is also a lifestyle blogger focusing on personal style, literature, and social commentary. Below are selected clips of her work published online.

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Hello Giggles

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Artbean, Inc.

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Anonymous Takes Down 20,000 ISIS-Affiliated Twitter Accounts, Threatens “No Safe Place” for ISIS Online

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R2-KT, the Droid Inspired By a Little Girl with Brain Cancer, To Appear in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

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No, You’re Not Falling Behind In Life

What the Kardashians Can Teach You About Healthy Body Image & Sexuality

BLOG, The Most Happy


Shopping with Fictional Characters

Lady Chatterley’s Lover, love at first thoughts

Possession and Women in “My Ántonia”


The Problematic Female Antihero


What “Middlesex” Taught Me About Gender Identity

Fairy Tales Retold: “Sirena” and the Femme Fatale

Fashion & Style

To The Dark Places

Evening Extravagance by Modcloth

DIY: I put flowers on my feet

Thought Catalog

Single People Can Love Valentine’s Day Too

I Will Never Meet A Guy Online: Why I Deleted My Online Dating Profile 4 Times

Rant Media, Inc.

Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up About Nude Pictures, Calls It A “Sex Crime” — And She’s So Right

Raven-Symone to Oprah: ‘I’m Not African-American’

Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne: Supermodels On a Mission to “Free The Nipple”

This “Rape Joke” T-Shirt Is Disgusting

Photoshopped Covergirl Ad Blasts Domestic Abuse In the NFL To Chilling Effect

ModCloth Signs Anti-Photoshopping Pledge

JK Rowling Should Never Stop Writing